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Kim Cuc Plaza - a QR code inspired design

Kim Cuc Plaza is a commercial building with the design idea came from the image of the QR “Quick Response” matrix code. The image of QR code is shown on the facade of the building skillfully. That creates focal points at the entrance of the building. Each 450-milimeter modular square creates unique lighting effects and artistic for the building from the inside look.

The geometry of the building is divided into two main parts:

The facades at the main entrances were completely designed with aluminum and glass walls; and the entrance halls were designed with sliding glass door. The glass walls were formed from random sized glass panels to emphasize the vertical side intentionally.


The upper block of the building was designed with simple shapes, white walls and 450x450 glass windows. These glass windows were arranged into many groups in different density. That makes the façade more lively but still remain the required functions of the space.

The Pavement was designed in the same contours with the outer glass wall of the first floor layout with the dark-colored stone plates in various sizes.

The materials of the pavement are local basalt and granite with the hashed surface to protect pedestrians from slipperiness

1 Comment